This beautiful celebration was in honor of a sweet christening.  Sent to me by Era Uma Vez, Catarina and Ana are the design force behind this lovely day.  After the ceremony, the guests were invited to join the family at a luncheon.  The baby’s mother wanted areas for the adults and children to sit and enjoy the outdoors before and after lunch.  Ana and Catarina set-up gorgeous spaces and added flowers and fun to the day…

As the guests arrived, they were invited to leave a message for the guest of honor. Catarina and Ana designed this beautiful, vintage space with a typewriter on display to use! 

I love the little tags tied on the tree branch!

With inviting spaces outdoors to relax or play, the adults and children could enjoy casual conversation in the “lounge” areas set up for the guests!

While the adults visited with one another, the children had fun playing dress-up at the photo booth!

Next, guests were invited to enjoy a lovely, seated meal…

Guests were seated at a table set with lovely vintage pieces from the family~ and each guest had a place card in a cork at their seats…

And for dessert, cake pops were shared with everyone!

These ideas are so pretty for a lunch, and they are perfect birthday party ideas, too!  Enjoy a lovely day for any type of celebrations with Catarina and Ana’s ideas for how to set up gorgeous spaces that guests can enjoy! Thank you for sharing such great party ideas with us!  What a beautiful day!!

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