This summer, I am excited to announce several GUEST BLOGGERS that are going to pop by and share holiday and birthday party ideas with you! Our first guest blogger is SHAUNA KRANTZ of CUPCAKE WITH CHARACTER! With Father’s Day coming up, Shauna is sharing a cute way to make Dad’s gift extra-special…he will love the gift bag just as much as the gift itself!  Enjoy these ideas from Shauna…

I found this awesome template on Paper Crave ( and couldn’t resist making these for Father’s Day! I created an easy to follow image tutorial (if you are like me, a visual learner) so you and your kids can fill these adorable, handmade gift boxes with goodies for Dad. 
1. Print your template and cut out.
2. I found some fun, double-sided scrapbook paper. Trace your template onto your cardstock paper of choice. Cut out template.
3. Place the original cut out template on top of your cardstock template, so that you can see where you need to score over the dotted lines. If you do not have a scoring board you can always just fold creases. 
4. Using glue (I used hot glue) attach the flap (labeled on original template) to the back.
5. Fold tab A inward and secure tabs B with double-stick tape. 
6. Secure tab C on tabs B with double-stick tape.
7. Crease sides and fold down top. Secure with double-stick tape. 
8. Using glue or tape, attach the tie or bow tie you cut out. 
**TIP** Fill with goodies before securing shut with tape and adding tie or bow tie. 
I hope you enjoyed my picture tutorial! Download your template here ( Personal use only. 
Thank you for sharing your tutorial, Shauna!  We look forward to seeing more that you share throughout the summer!  

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