When someone asks me to suggest a good idea or theme for their child’s birthday party, my first question is always,  “…What is his/her favorite thing right now?”.  I think it is always the best idea to throw a party based on what the guest of honor loves- and so I am thrilled to share this “Favorite Things” birthday party from Jenny at Bloom Designs!  Jenny incorporated many, many of her daughter’s favorites into her 12th birthday party- from the location to the desserts to the activities!  This party is full of great birthday party ideas for how to tie together lots of favorites and make it all fit together so well!  Enjoy all of the fun of Audrey’s Favorite Things!


The beach is Audrey’s favorite place, and so Jenny planned dinner and a swim for the girls- and dessert(s)!  The dessert table is full of treats that represent Audrey’s favorites- and is decked out in her favorite color pink!

Pink ruffles and ballerinas…



Sand buckets and whales on Oreos to represent the beach…


Disneyland and Bows…

Dinner was served from pre-packed gable boxes perfectly coordinated by Jenny!

The girls also enjoyed a day of hanging out together -it was a sleepover and so there was lots of time to chat and Instagram (another favorite).  Jenny set up an area in their yard for the girls to have drinks and snacks- and the cutest little flip flops, too!  The front of their home was very welcoming with all of the cute decorations!  I love the “A” on the front gate!

Jenny also had Audrey’s favorite Sixlets out for the guests~ what a cute way to display!

And, favorite cookies boxed and ready…

And comfy flip-flops for the day!

I love the photo of the girls at the beach- with dolphins joining the party!

Happy Birthday, Audrey!

What a fun, beautiful party- and what a great way to celebrate all of the things a birthday girl loves with her favorite friends!  Thank you for sharing all of the creative birthday party ideas with us, Jenny!  Such a fabulous party!

Party Concept and Styling- Bloom Designs Online

Invitations and other printables- Bloom Designs Online

Elephant and beach bucket toppers- Edible Details

Wooden A on fence- Ten23 Designs

Whale Oreo Toppers- Love and Sugar Kisses

Ruffled Cake and macarons- Sweet and Saucy Shop

 SweetWorks for the yummy gum balls and Sixlets

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