Hold onto your Safari Hats as you trek through this adventure of a party!  Beth Greeson always hosts the most fabulous parties for her son- and I was lucky enough to get to help pull it all together!  Beth’s enthusiasm makes the parties full of energy and pure fun for the guests!  

The cake (made by Kate Petronis of And Everything Sweet) was a stunner!

That giraffe!

Mom Beth invested in an outdoor movie screen and system several years ago and uses it for each of Luke’s parties!  We created a “Drive-In Movie” area for the kids to watch a safari show- while they sat in their own SAFARI JEEPS!  

To make the Jeeps, I wrapped each cardboard box in zebra print wrapping paper…

I added licesnce plates from The Creative Orchard, black paper plate tires, cupcake liner headlights, and zebra ribbon tails…

Beth also designed a Safari Scavenger Hunt for the kids as part of the party activities… 

Each child was given a safari hat and pair of binoculars…the table was set up with bamboo leaves and animals to make add color and interest!

After all of the fun and games, the kids enjoyed cake, cookies, safari trail mix, and Safari Juice!

And, another of my favorite parts of this wonderful party…the safari tent! The inflatable animals are from Chasing Fireflies- they made a huge impact on the party setting!

This was such a fabulous party!  A safari is a great theme for kids- they love the animals, the adventure, and the novelty of it all!  Plan your next adventure with some of these ideas- and let us know how it goes!


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