“Red lips and rosy cheeks…”, that song stays in my mind when I am painting these tiny little cuties!  This cheerful set is a mix of patterns and colors and is available in my shop now!  I really want to put them on top of some cupcakes for a party!

I never really know what I am going to paint when I get started on a set.  I wanted to try different patterns and see how they looked.  I love how they are all different but also perfectly matched. I hope you love them, too! You can find them in my Etsy shop called HelloDolliesbyLydia

I think I will use some of these designs to make another set that is similar.  But, no set is ever exactly the same because, handpainted. I use non-toxic paint and sealer so that they are safe for kiddos! These are too small for the youngest set- anyone 3 or under would need a larger peg doll.  I can make those, too!  Thanks so much for stopping by!




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