Go Fly A Kite Birthday Party Ideas

The perfect beach breeze makes for a perfect day to go fly a kite…which also makes for perfect birthday party ideas from Tiffany Fox, of Fizzy Party!  Tiffany was inspired by the Octopus Kites that are flown at Lincoln City, Oregon- and so the entire party is designed around these colorful and fabulous octopus kites!  Read on for more great ideas on hosting a party beachside…no matter what kite shape you choose!

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Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

The cheerfulness of rainbows and the magic of unicorns combine to make a fantastical birthday party theme~ designed by Alexandria of FMDFunkyMonkeyDesigns!  This party is full of cute birthday party ideas that are easy to create- and perfect for rainbow birthdays, baby showers, and art parties, too!  So, enjoy a little bit of magic and a whole lot of color in this beautiful Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party!

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the Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Ideas

The Wizard of Oz theme is one of my favorite birthday party ideas, and this party by Serena, of Mammarella’s Sweets and Treats is fabulous!  Serena designed the dessert table for two little girls, Mia and Ava.  The table was filled with gorgeous sweets that depicted the characters and scenery~ from the yellow brick road to the shimmering Emerald City, to the beautiful rainbow in the sky!  Come on! Follow the yellow brick road to see all of the wonderful ideas!

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Balloon Baby Shower and Birthday Party Ideas

A Balloon-theme baby shower, “Bursting with Love”, by Rachelle of Style Dolls, is also bursting with creativity and color! I love the beautiful candy table that she designed!  It has a modern layout that pops with color.  I love how easy it is to get this look for a baby shower- and this party is also full of great birthday party ideas! So, gather some balloons for your next party~ I think these ideas are perfect for any age!

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(sweet & Shabby Chic) Strawberry Patch Birthday Party Ideas

Nothing says springtime quite like a Strawberry Patch!!  What a perfect place to host a party, too!  Michele, of Sweet Threads Clothing, is sharing her birthday party ideas with us today~ follow along for the perfect way to include… 

1. A great venue

2.  Bulit in activity

3.  An easy (and HEALTHY) party favor

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Seaside Soiree~ Under the Sea ~ Mermaid ~ Beach ~ Nautical Birthday Party Ideas

This party is magical like a mermaid and beautiful like the beach!  Kelly Lyden, of WH Hostess and The Party Dress, shared this client party with us.  Kelly’s creative graphic designs grace the paper products throughout and offer wonderful birthday party ideas for your own seaside soiree!  BE SURE TO READ ALL OF THE DETAILS FROM KELLY AS SHARED BELOW…

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