Party Packages

Party Plan on Paper

$85.00 You provide the theme you would like to use for a party, and I provide the ideas to make it happen! We also can work together to come up with a party theme if you are undecided.  I will create a Pinterest board with links to suggested party ideas, supplies, activities, etc.  This plan is a time-saver for you as I direct you to all of my favorite planning ideas.  Do you ever find yourself wishing you could ask a party planner questions like,  “Where do I find _________ for my son’s/daughter’s birthday party?”  What type of party activities should I do for a __________ theme?  What type of cake would you suggest for a _______________ party?  How do I plan a party for a teen?  I am happy to share my favorite tips and tricks to help you get your questions answered and your celebrations planned!

FaceTime or Phone Consultation

$25.00.  Do you have something to celebrate and would just like to ask for advice?  Let’s talk face-to-face!  If you have a question about how to set-up and/or style your party, I am happy to help!  Would you like to just ask where to start?  What to do?  I’m here for you!  I schedule consultations in 30 minute time blocks.  Send me a message, and we will set up a time to  help you get your your party started!  AND, it doesn’t have to just be about parties!  If you have something else you would like help with, just let me know!  I hope to see you soon!