This winter, I saw the CUTEST snowman treats in milk bottles on Bakerella’s website and wanted to try it with bunnies for Easter.  The snowman idea originally came from Better Homes and Gardens and has been a hit!  This is definitely one of my kids’ favorites!!


These FUNNY BUNNIES couldn’t be any cuter!  I followed Bakerella’s tips for making bunny cakepops and just applied it to Dunkin Donuts Munchkins (donut holes). 



I used Starbuck’s Frappuccino bottles filled with milk to make the body and Dunkin Donut Munchkins for the bunny head.  Directions for decorating the bunny face are on Bakerella’s site

I found all of the candy supplies for the face at Michael’s.  I really love the edible writing pens- they make it so easy!  I gently made a hole with a straw in the donut hole.  (When you put the straw through, you will have crumbs in the straw and so I used one to make the hole and took it out and then put another straw in to stay.)   Decorate the bottles the way you like to resemble a bunny and watch the kiddos light up and drink up!  These really do just make you smile!

Or act silly!

And if you want a sweet little bunny book to read to them to make the bunny milk bottles even more fun,  try this one by Kevin Henkes…