animal themed party with felt hats
Colorful Birthday Party Ideas

Have you ever felt stuck when trying to choose an idea for a theme for a birthday party? Sometimes, the best option is to NOT choose a theme, but instead choose colors that the birthday boy or girl loves. That way, you can make everything coordinate beautifully without being tied to one thing. It kind of opens up the options and makes planning even more fun! Today, I am going to show you how to use a colorful combination- and these party ideas could also be used for a rainbow theme or animal theme if you prefer to stick with a that…it’s like 3 in one!

The inspiration for this party started when I found these adorable hats- they are made of felt and have the cutest animal faces on them. I fell in love with the color combo and the whimsical design of the party hats- I love how each hat is a different animal and I love those ears!

Admittedly, I am a little obsessed with the cuteness and wanted to replicate the animal faces for the cake and other sweet treats for the party. Brenda, of Sugar High Inc., created the fondant cake toppers. I told her how I would use them on skewers, and she was able to make them so that all I had to do was just assemble the skewer and the topper when I was ready to use them. They were perfect! For the cake, I bought a cake at my local grocery store and added pink sprinkles to it. I knew I wanted a simple cake so that the fondant hat toppers would stand out. Next, I even used the animal faces for the drink toppers…

Sachiko, of Mimi Cafe Union, made these darling drink bottle toppers for me. They look exactly like the little hats in fondant form! They had holes for the straws to slide through and were perfect for keeping a lid on it!

When I saw the colorful rainbow plates from Oh Happy Day Party Shop, I couldn’t believe how perfectly the colors matched the hats I was using. Don’t be afraid to mix in an unexpected pattern (or rainbow) when you are planning the details- it’s amazing how something small can bring it all together.

Another of my favorite party tips is to find a way to use the birthday number and celebrate it. Decorated cookies with the number 4 were beautiful in bright pink, yellow, and blue. My sweet friend, Terri Graham of Sweet Goosie Girl, made the cookies and they really couldn’t have been more perfect or delicious!

When I am planning a party with a lot of strong color, I always like to find a way to temper the bright with a little bit of pastel. For this party, I used pastel pink napkins on the table and it sort of acted as a neutral for the table. I love a fun, vibrant setting but also realize that visually you need a little balance!

Another way to balance out strong colors is to use cupcakes with white frosting- it makes “plain” cupcakes even better when they are surrounded by all the colorful options. I topped the cupcakes with printable toppers from Anders Ruff Design Co. – I loved the funky little font Maureen chose for this design! If you love a more colorful topper, add in candy or fondant. I asked Brittany of Edible Details to make these super cute cupcake toppers and then mixed them in with the printable toppers. It is a way to have more economical options mixed in with the more expensive options…

The invitation and place cards were also designed by Anders Ruff Design Co. And, the oh-so-cute Oreos were made by Maria at Love and Sugar Kisses. It amazes me how Maria can make an Oreo look so fancy!

Once again, fondant toppers for the win on the Oreos! They are just the cutest! Kind of like these cuties!

There’s nothing quite like turning 4 and being with your favorite people to help celebrate!

What’s your favorite non-themed way to throw a party? I vote for colors- and the best part of that is that the choices are endless!! Tell me what you think in the comments below and have a beautiful, colorful day!!



P.S. A funny side note about this party…many years ago (as in 2013), I was asked to design a party for Twinkle Twinkle Little Party’s first online magazine. At the time, there was no deadline, and it was a very laidback request that I accepted. And then, I became inundated with other work and had to place this idea on the back burner…and then TTLP moved and took a short break from the magazine…and, needless to say, this party idea never was seen or shared. Because I had purchased all of the gorgeous work from the vendors and it was too fabulous not to share, I boxed it all up and saved it for when I could actually put these ideas together. And, so…6 years after the original orders were made and plans were set, I finally had a chance to put this one together. So many things have changed over these past 6 years, and many of these talented ladies are no longer providing bakery work for purchase. I feel so lucky to have been able to share the skills and talents of Brenda, Sachiko, Maria, and Terri throughout the years, and I am thrilled with the paths that they have taken in their creative endeavors. I just wanted you all to know that they have taken their amazingness in different directions, but, wow, they have an incredible way with fondant and cookies! Cheers to them all and to growth! I celebrate you ladies!

Jell-O Rain, Marshmallow Fluff Clouds, and Marshmallow Rainbows~ Birthday Party Ideas

Hello!  Today, we are going to share with you a fun idea that is easy for the kids to help make!  The Marshmallow Rainbows have a lot of wow-factor and the kids LOVE to make and eat them!  YOU CAN WATCH US IN ACTION MAKING THESE OVER ON OUR YOU TUBE CHANNEL (we would love for you to subscribe to our channel, too!!).

To make this treat, you will need…

Blue Jell-O to make into “rain”,

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,colors of Jell-O powder,

Marshmallow Fluff

Mini Marshmallows


Clear Cups

Ziploc Bags (snack size)

Skewers or Cake Wire

Sprinkles (optional)


1.  Make blue Jell-O according to the directions on the box.  Divide into individual, clear cups.  While the Jell-O is setting, it is a great time to make the Marshmallow Rainbows!

2.  MARSHMALLOW RAINBOWS- these are fun and easy!! You will need…

Jell-O Powder in all the colors of the rainbow each color poured separately into Ziplocs bags. (We made purple by mixing red and blue.)

Mini Marshmallows

Bowl of Water for dipping marshmallows

Ziploc Baggies


Skewers (easiest) or Cake Wire (to shape the cake wire like a rainbow, an adult will have to cut the wire and bend it like an arc to fit the bowl or cup that you use.) 

You will need to first pour the marshmallows in the water and stir to get marshmallows wet.

Spoon the marshmallows into the first color of Jell-O powder that you want to make.  Close the bag tightly and shake to coat the marshmallow.  Tip- don’t spoon water into the bag- use a slotted spoon if that helps!

Take colored marshmallows out of the bag and place on waxed paper to let dry for about 2 hours

Repeat with each color.

When marshmallows are coated and dried, assemble them on the skewer or cake wire in the colors of the rainbow.

3.  When the blue Jell-O is set in the cups or bowls, add a dollop of Marshmallow Fluff for the cloud.

4.  Place Marshmallow Rainbow over the top of the cloud.  If you use a cake wire, gently slide the rainbow down the sides of the cup.  Be careful not to let it pop out on you!  Flying rainbows make for big laughs, though, that is for sure!  An adult should help with this part to be safest.   

ENJOY!!  It really is a perfect way to brighten any day!!  We love these for rainy days!


The cheerfulness of rainbows and the magic of unicorns combine to make a fantastical birthday party theme~ designed by Alexandria of FMDFunkyMonkeyDesigns!  This party is full of cute birthday party ideas that are easy to create- and perfect for rainbow birthdays, baby showers, and art parties, too!  So, enjoy a little bit of magic and a whole lot of color in this beautiful Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party!

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The Wizard of Oz theme is one of my favorite birthday party ideas, and this party by Serena, of Mammarella’s Sweets and Treats is fabulous!  Serena designed the dessert table for two little girls, Mia and Ava.  The table was filled with gorgeous sweets that depicted the characters and scenery~ from the yellow brick road to the shimmering Emerald City, to the beautiful rainbow in the sky!  Come on! Follow the yellow brick road to see all of the wonderful ideas!

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With Rainbow Loom jewelry being all the rage in my daughter’s age-group, I thought it would be fun to share some easy Valentine’s Day and birthday party ideas with you using rainbows, friends, and a little service-project! We decided to spread the love this Valentine’s Day and make Rainbow Loom jewelry for children in our area that may not have access to these wildly popular looms.  We invited some friends over, made jewelry, and enjoyed Valentine treats.  Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to spread a little love- but actually this idea can be used any time of the year!

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This party pops in all kinds of cute ways!  A POP-ART PARTY- inspired by the pop-art masters themselves- is a really fun way to unleash your creative side and celebrate someone special!  Tiffany, of Lookie Boo, designed this fabulous party for her son on his 4th birthday.  It is a fantastic combination of an Art Party and a Rainbow Party all in one-with the most creative spins that make it unlike any other!  I love all of the handmade touches and really fun ideas to incorporate the likes of Andy Warhol right there with the budding imaginations of 4-year-olds!

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Growing UP has never been cuter!  Julia Herzog, of Festa Com Gosto, designed this darling UP-inspired party and her sister Isa made all of the lovely treats!  I love them all, but I especially love the rainbow cupcakes with a fondant cherry on top!  Have a look at the dessert table~ it is full of great ideas for a rainbow party, too!

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Sharing your favorite things with your friends is always fun- and doing it with style, bold pops of color, and fabulous food just makes it even better!  This party is for the grown-ups, but it is easily adapted for the younger set.  What a great party theme for tweens and teens, too!  I love what Kylie, of Made by a Princess, did to celebrate a fun night with her girlfriends!

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With an emphasis on color and Legos, this party really stacks up!!  The vibrant colors and mix of patterns… along with the most adorable, amazing, and creative cake will give you many ideas for creating your own Lego-inspired party.  In fact this color scheme could be incorporated into many different party themes!  I was truly thrilled to see this party from Sarah at Crackers Art blog– she created it for her son Harvey!

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Everyone loves seeing a rainbow- so imagine how fun to celebrate your birthday with everything coming up RAINBOWS!  This dessert table, by Avie and Lulu, hightlights one part of this playful party- notice the creative backdrop and the perfect ways the colors are displayed throughout.  And… the cake is quite a show-stopper, too!

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