We all love the look of the oversized balloons or a perfectly-placed polka-dot bouquet of cheery balloons that set off the party decorations in just the right way…but wait until you see how Nikki of TIKKIDO used balloons as the theme for an entire party!  It is stunning and beautiful and perfectly playful for a child’s party!  This party is POPPING with ideas!

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Gnomes have certainly cast their little spells over the party world lately, and this party by Nikki of TIKKIDO is magical, to say the least!  I can’t say enough about the creativity that comes from Tikkido, and so I am thrilled to show you a tiny bit of her gorgeous talents by way of these funny little creatures with the tall hats. They have brought this party to life with Nikki’s amazing touch!  And, be sure to see the exciting giveaway info at the end of the post!!

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Oh, I have been so excited to share Tikkido’s fabulous creativity with you and to share the GIVEAWAY that Nikki is offering to readers of THE PARTY WAGON!  Hooray!  How very, very fun it would be to WIN 12 CUSTOM HATS HAND CRAFTED JUST FOR YOUR PARTY!  Read on to see some of the samples of hats that you can choose and to find out how you can enter!  And, thank you TIKKIDO!

Celebration Hat with Balloons~

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