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The Party Wagon

The Party Wagon began in 2011 as a website to share children’s party ideas, kid-friendly recipes, and creative DIYs.  The name originated from friends asking to borrow my party decorations, and we jokingly referred to my carload of party goods as “The Party Wagon”. 

My hope of sharing my ideas quickly morphed into also sharing submitted parties from so many talented party friends that I met through blogging.  I loved the idea of helping to promote others, sharing the best from the party world, and sprinkling in my own parties, food, favors, and crafts.  I quickly discovered that I needed a team to help me keep up with the rapid growth.  At the same time, I also needed to focus on the growing needs of my family.  I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to take my site, but I was 100% sure of what I needed to do to meet the needs of my family.  Rather than expand my site, I decided to go on hiatus from my website and “microblog” through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  This allowed me to stay connected with you all while also packing, moving twice, and completing an extensive renovation of a 100-year-old house (while continuing the daily routine of raising 2 children). It was a wonderful way for me to stay connected with you all, and I thank you all for following along and staying with me!  You are the best!!   

I am now looking forward to offering you an expanded edition of The Party Wagon- complete with entertaining ideas for all ages, home decorating inspiration, fun foods, easy recipes, gift ideas, party favors, and general ideas on making the most of everyday life!  So, welcome…hop on The Party Wagon for the ride of your life(style)!

About Lydia

Lydia Menzies has always been known for her creative flair and love of the tiniest details. She can make the most mundane affair one to remember! She loves a good play-on-words and a unique party theme. Lydia also loves to spoil her guests and is known for searching hard for the perfect party favors! Anything she touches just seems to have a “little extra something special” to it.

Born and raised in Georgia, Lydia is a southern girl who also has a love for New England…especially Nantucket, MA. As a college student, Lydia became a nanny on Nantucket and has returned to the island each summer for the past 27 years. She eventually found herself in the hospitality industry by working at a charming bed and breakfast. Many of the guests at the Inn would stay in touch with her year after year, and Lydia realized what an impact her warm, genuine hospitality had on those she hosted. That natural tendency to offer a warm welcome and an enjoyable experience extended to her love of hosting personal parties and events frequently through the years. Lydia has also had the opportunity to host and chair countless charity events including events for the American Heart Association, local Women’s Leagues, and local schools.

Her absolute favorite way to entertain friends and family is in her “new” old home in Athens, GA. Her husband restored a 100-year-old house to be their family home in their biggest DIY project together to date. Lydia invites you to follow along with the interior design process as she works to bring her love of color, art, and creativity together in their cozy home.  She is lucky enough to be able to run ideas by her friends at Parker Kennedy Living for guidance with hopes to steer clear of mistakes as she tackles decorating her family’s home.  🙂 Nothing makes her happier than being with friends and family in her own home that was restored by her husband and slowly decorated.

And so, welcome to The Party Wagon…a place to be inspired to add a small (or large) dose of fun to everyday living. We hope you feel the warmth and want to stay to enjoy all of the things that Lydia Loves and wants to share with you!