Of course, if it is a Lauren McKinsey Design, it’s CUTE!  This Halloween inspiration is fabulous for dressing up your treats and sharing with a crowd!  There is just something sweeter about a candy bar wrapped in a special way!  Do you feel like you’re being watched????

How about a Halloween Cookie “SandWITCH” with a side of spooky milk to sip…

Speaking of witches…this collection has a playful nod to the wicked one!

Fill a push pop container with candy and dress it up Lauren McKinsey style for an easy and cute treat!

The favor tags and Kiss stickers make Halloween extra fun!

I love how these designs have different colors so that you can choose which color fits your party!

Ah, the sandWITCH found her shoes…

And if the shoe fits…

This little cutie scored a little spookiness!! 

The entire collection is available at Lauren McKinsey Designs!

Thank you for sharing your Happy, Spooky Halloween!

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