To celebrate her sweet baby girl’s first birthday, Mom Kerri says  “…I took a risk and created it all myself.”.  I would say there was nothing risky about that when you are as creative as Kerri!  I love sharing her labor of love!  With a cupcake theme, this party was all sweetness!

Kerri made everything with the exception of the tiny cupcakes.  That is quite a sweet shop!

She did each cupcake topper with Happy Birthday, Mia and the number 1…

And look at the adorable jars of treats- I love the cupcake cutouts on top and how they are tied with a pink spoon!  So pretty and sweet!


I also love how each name is on the favor!  A perfect way to make your guests feel special~

Another special touch- a first birthday cake made by your mommy!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Kerri channels her creative talents through her shop called Tymia Designs.  She designs and makes children’s clothing and accessories.  Stop by and take a look…

Thank you, Kerri!  I think you are a fabulous risk-taker- the party turned out beautifully!


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