AARRRGH!  This party is full of pirate adventures and party inspiration!  With Captain Silly Bones leading the way, these little pirates enjoyed a day of fun on the high seas- designed by mom Katie, of Petite Social…

Using nautical home accessories from her sister-in-law, Katie set the tone for pirates in action!

I’m sure no one minded walking this plank- what a great serving display!

I would say this ship was full of sweet treasures!  The birthday boy’s favorite…rainbow-sprinkled marshmallow pops!

The children enjoyed coloring their own wooden pirate goodies~

Captain Silly Bones kept the Birthday Boy and all of his Mateys entertained…

A look at the Pirate’s Booty~

A fun day in the life of a pirate!

Thank you for sharing your Pirate Adventures, Katie!  I know your birthday pirate will always remember his exciting day!

Create your own pirate party with these party printables available from Petitie Social!

Photography by MoxieSox Photography, www.moxiesox.com (coming soon)
Cupcakes by Buzz Bakery, www.buzzonslaters.com
Entertainment: Captain Silly Bones, https://www.piratemagic.net/


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