My children are fortunate enough to have 3 grandmothers in their lives… and so when it is our turn to host Mother’s Day, I like to do something that brightens the table and is meaningful for them all.  This year, my daughter is so proud that she helped make the special treats for the place settings! This idea is so easy and child-centered.  They love helping and are excited to have a hand in the special day! 

Although I love how professional and perfect computer-generated printables are, I really wanted there to be a personal touch for Mother’s Day.  I LOVE children’s handwriting and know that grandmother’s think it is pretty special, too!  So, the first thing we did was have my daughter write the text with a pink pen.

Next, I copied it on to yellow paper and we used paper cutters to cut out the circles.  We chose 2 different background papers and then glued the printed yellow circles onto the background circles.  After it dried, we taped a 4″ skewer onto the back of the circle and tied a pink raffia knot under the circle.

I tied a pink ribbon bow around each terra cotta pot and then lined the pot with plastic wrap.  We filled with berries and put the sign in the pot.  So easy!

I love how they look on top of the place setting.  A fun, unexpected treat for our guests- and proud children for helping to make Mother’s Day lunch special!  My daughter thinks her “best handwriting” looks great and is amazed that it could be put on yellow paper!  My son loves scooping the berries and putting them in the pots! 


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