I think family photos are so sweet to have and to look back on.  I wanted to share this beautiful image with you for Mother’s Day- shared with us by Molly White.  

This photo was taken almost 30 years ago and yet looks timeless as it shows the special bond between a mother and child. 

And so this Mother’s Day, remember to step from behind the camera and capture sweet moments with your children, mothers, grandmothers. 

You’re not supposed to be doing any of the work, anyway~

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from The Party Wagon!


Thank you, Molly, for sharing your sweet photo!

Photo by Ron Kerr of Kerr Studios- Atlanta, GA

For those of you requesting recommended photographers…

Rene’ Eason Child Photography, Atlanta

Jo Reeves Photography, Atlanta

Kim Busby Photography, Atlanta

Kim Lee/Real Photography

Three Sisters Photography, Auburn, AL

Photos By Hazel Cromer, Thomaston, GA

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