There is just something about ice cream and the Fourth of July that go hand-in-hand!  As a child, my parents used to make homemade ice cream each year- I remember always wishing that the ice cream churn would go a little faster.  Although I won’t be making our own ice cream this Independence Day, I will be serving up some cute ice cream ideas…

These mini cones serve up just the right size and amount.  My friend, Emily, keeps a steady supply on hand for toddler playdates and neighborhood get-togethers- such a great idea!  She has my children hooked on these little cuties…

I set the mini cones on tiny candy cups that I found at Jo-Ann’s Fabric.  The cups are the perfect size, too- especially if you want to catch your ice cream as it melts in the July heat!

One of the easiest treats that we make each year on July 4th~ dipped pretzel rods that we call “Sparklers“.

A tried-and-true, super-simple, festive treat to make with the kids and take to a party.  Simply melt white chocolate squares and roll pretzel rods through the white chocolate.  Sprinkle with sprinkles! My son always wants to know why we don’t dip the whole pretzel!


And with the left over white chocolate, we made these cute star-shaped candies.

Pour the melted chocolate into the star molds (from Wilton, found at Michael’s).  Decorate with sprinkles.  I added half of striped straw for fun and easy pick-up.  Let set.

Back to the ice cream ideas…


HURRY!  IT’S MELTING!  These cone wrappers are from Lauren McKinsey Designs and are available for downloading in her shop.

It is easy to add little details to your celebration that make a big impact.  Wooden spoons decked out for the Fourth of July are unexpected and fun.  They just make you smile!

Embellished with stars and stripes…they just add a little pop of fun to that bowl of ice cream!

The wooden spoons are from GARNISH.

I found the felt stars and the flowers in the scrapbooking section at Michael’s.  The stars were borders that I cut out and stuck on.  The flowers were glued.

I hope you find some fun inspiration for your Independence Day celebrations!


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