Desserts get elevated to new heights these days!  I was asked to give a few ideas for a summer swim and luau party, and I couldn’t wait to use the new Pastry Pedestals I had just ordered!  These cupcakes just make you want to do the HULA~

I put little grass skirts on each pedestal to fit in with the luau theme…

This is what the Pastry Pedestals looked like before they got dressed for the party…

I used a mini table skirt to make the pedestal skirts.  After I hot glued the grass skirts on to the pedestal rounds, I added a cut-out circle of striped paper.

Then, I placed the cupcake on top and set the pedestals in sugar to resemble white sandy beaches and topped with bright beach ball gumballs.

It was very easy to dress up these cupcakes for the party!  The best part?  The kids were actually dancing with their cupcakes!!

The Pastry Pedestal is the patent-pending creation of Jessica of Pen N’ Paper Flowers.  You can order a set here~

The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Jessica @ Pen N' Paperflowers

    Thank you SO much for sharing your awesome creativity using The Pastry Pedestal™! It's so funny…I completely envisioned using these for a luau themed party with the whole grass skirt concept!! So I'm completely excited to see the vision brought to life by you!! Love them!!! Thank you so much for your order and your awesome post!!!

  2. The Party Wagon

    Carmen~ thank you so much! I am so glad you left a message!Jessica~ I love your new product and think it is great that you came up with such a novel idea!! I love all of the different ways to use them! Thank you!Lydia