I was thrilled when creative party mom, Laura, sent me photos of her daughter’s Backyard Music Birthday Bash!  Laura knows how to turn a party into a bash, for sure!  Music was the theme and the backyard was set up for children to shake, rattle, and roll to their own beat!  Travel with us through this fabulous backyard party!

Guests were greeted by musical-themed balloons and had so many activities to choose to do.  Here they are making bracelets and necklaces out of guitar picks…

Decorating their own tambourines…

There was a May Pole- a request from the birthday girl because her birthday is in May- to dance around. Each ribbon was anchored with a sparkly flower or butterfly.  The children held them to go around the May Pole.

Another section of the backyard was set up with a Magical Music Tree.  Colorful wooden spoons were available for the children to make their own music with the chimes hanging in the trees…

I love this little guest’s enthusiasm!

Close by was TUNE TOWN where children could go into tee pees and play drums~

If the guests needed a break from all of the musical fun, there were artists at the party to sketch each child’s portrait!

The portraits were hung on lines between shepherd hooks and attached to the line with musical paper clips for all of the guests to enjoy.

There was a Bandstand in the center of the backyard for the children to enjoy the band that topped off the music bash.  The TIC TAC TONES entertained the party-goers under the tent and encouraged the children to dance and sing along.  So that the guests would know the songs and be able to participate in the most fun ways, a CD by the band was sent to each child before the party.

The birthday girl even enjoyed singing with the band!

And, one of my favorite party activities…big bubble wands to make the dancing and singing even more fun!

Laura wanted to include bright, spring-time colors and decorated the patio with colorful flowers.

The birthday girl and her guests were treated to lots of delicious food to enjoy on blankets around the lawn. Adults were served in Mason Jars dressed in bright colors, while children were served their meal in clear acrylic buckets.

Bar-b-que Parfaits and Sliders for the grown-ups…

And for the children~

The desserts definitely hit the right note!  The cake added a little more musical fun~

I think this birthday bash had this beautiful birthday girl singing happy tunes in her sleep!

A fantastic party always has fantastic helpers!  These cuties were the helpful hands that kept the party activities running smoothly.  They are wearing the aprons made especially for them for the party!  Matching canvas bags were given to each guest to safely transport their tambourines and portrait sketches.

What a creative and beautiful party, Laura!  Thank you so very much for sharing this bash with The Party Wagon!

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