Two years ago, my children discovered the fun of “Mr. Eric” and his books and songs about a cool cat named Pete.  Pete has new WHITE shoes that change colors as he walks through his day- depending on what he accidentally steps in.  Mr. Eric uses colors, repetition, and a very catchy tune to keep children engaged and wanting to read the story again and again.  The book lends itself to an endless opportunity for party activities around colors as well as party foods and decorations.  Party mom, Pam, shared her daughter’s Pete the Cat party with us, and I am thrilled to feature it!

Pete has new white shoes, but he steps in strawberries, blueberries, and mud and his shoes become those colors.  Eventually, he steps in a bucket of water and washes it all away.  I love how Pam played off of the colors and the story line to build the party around all of those details…


The beautiful birthday girl enjoying a blue cupcake…

Mr. Eric (the author, Eric Litwin) was at the party to entertain all of the guests!  How exciting!

What a fun party, Pam!  I know it was ALL GOOD!

You can see more of this party on Pam’s blog…Made During Naptime

Find out more about Mr. Eric and Pete the Cat here

Photos- Taken by Tate

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