I am so excited to share the very creative talent of Renee of THE CREATIVE ORCHARD…so excited that today is going to be a double feature!  Renee’s attention to detail and her creative craftiness combine to make the cutest parties.  I love this Watermelon Picnic Party!

This picnic table was set up to welcome the guests as they arrived- and the balloons set the tone right away!

Renee creates all of the printable party decorations herself!

 Love the pinwheels…

And look at the adorable fans!

The food was perfect for a picnic…

Love the cupcakes…

LOVE the Jello Pops!

Renee offers a “how to” lesson to make the watermelon napkins- she didn’t sew a stitch!

Renee thought of everything!  Look how cute the ants are carrying the food.  Renee made each of the food props that the ants are carrying.  She used styrofoam, felt, fabric, buttons, and hot glue.  The mini parade flags and mints for each guest are also such a great touch.

As a party favor, each guest was given a glass jar with fresh melon balls…

Fun and beautiful, Renee!!

You can find all of the party printables at THE CREATIVE ORCHARD on Etsy…http://www.etsy.com/shop/theCreativeOrchard

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– Pinwheels, Ribbon, Grass Placemats: Hobby Lobby
– Ant Dip Bowl & Spreader Set, Ant Table Weights, Ant Salt & Pepper Shakers: Amazon or Hobby Lobby
– Watermelon Appetizer Plate: Pier 1
– Picnic Basket, Plant Stand, Ceramic Planters & Ceramic Plates: Walmart
– Fabrics: Jo-Ann Fabrics
– Metal Baskets & 2-tier Stand: Target
– Bucket Candles & Paper Lanterns: Party City
– Glass Plate Chargers & Artificial Grass: Jeffrey Alans
– Metal Lanterns: Gordmans
– Flowers: Michaels
– Ceramic Cake Stand & Toothpick Holder: HomeGoods



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  1. Lydia Menzies

    Hi Elizabeth!Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I agree! So many things to love! Renee did a great job! Thanks, again, for stopping by~Lydia

  2. Lydia Menzies

    Hi Whitney,The balloons are red balloons with black seeds drawn on them with a permanent marker. 🙂 I hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by!Lydia

  3. Codi Hartnett

    Hi Lydia, You did such a great job turning such a iconic theme into to something fun and creative!! Your ants carry the food or so cute!! Did you make them or buy them somewhere?!?