Discovering Armommy is like discovering a never-ending trail of creativity!  I am amazed by all that Rae and her mom, Jane, create to make being a mom a little easier and a lot of fun!  One of their creations is the SMIB…

A bib just doesn’t always cover all the bases~ enter the smib.  A smock and a bib combine to form a functional and beautiful way to create less mess at meal time!

For the older children, Armommy has developed placemats to help make table settings super simple…

I also love the snack bags by Armommy!  Those make snacks easy, eco-friendly, and (I’m sure) yummier!  So great for lunch boxes and snack time!

Choose your size, choose your fabric…and then choose your snack!  Rinse, hang to dry, reuse!

Rae also has quite a sense of humor which makes it fun to see all that she creates!

Armommy’s line of paper accessories includes a wide variety!  I love this train label for party favors- look at the adorable mix of patterns~

Armommy even found a way to help make shopping a little smoother…just for kicks, I always gave mine a sticker off of the fruit we bought- I think this might have been a little more exciting!!


I also love the idea of this cute apple CD holder!  Armommy suggests giving your teacher a fun music mix to play during the school day.  I also love it for holding discs full of photographs from each school year.  These apples would make a great way to protect and store the memories of each grade!

Lucky for us, Rae offers a tutorial on how to make these cute little apples!  See below for link info.

Rae is one creative mind- she offers such a range of products and ideas…all while being mommy to 4 very young children.  I am amazed and impressed by all that she accomplishes!  Be sure to read her blog for lots of inspiration, see her website to shop for her fun products, and stop by Facebook and become a fan!  And, you will definitely want to see that brand new baby of her’s!

Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with us, Jane and Rae! 

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