If you follow me on Facebook or Pinterest, then you know how much I love these hilarious little Push Pops!  They just make me laugh!  And laugh some more!  Trisha, at Sweetology, came up with these funny little guys after seeing a post in Family Fun for making groundhogs from Snickers Bars.  I will let Trisha give you all of the details on her Groundhogs in her own words


To start, you need to whip up the little 
candy groundhog inspired by 
the idea found HERE at Family Fun.

I used a mini snickers for the body.
Mini M&M’s for the ears and nose
Softened pink starburst for his pink nose.
White fondant for eyes and teeth
Black Americolor Marker for eyes

Then bake up some yummy chocolate
mini cupcakes ~ that is the best part!!

I went all out and used a fancy recipe 
called Le’ Pillsbury Box

Next, whip up a batch of buttercream. 
I use a recipe I learned from My Cake School.
Mmmmmmmmm, delish.

Next..assemble your groundhog pop!
Push the mini cupcakes in the bottom.
Layer with Mr Punxsutawney
Add another mini cupcake on top.
Pipe some white “snow” buttercream on top his head.

Or, if you prefer your groundhog out of his hole
place him on top of the buttercream as shown below!
Here you can find Mr. Punxsutawney Phil 
pondering his debut…
Will he see his shadow?

If you don’t have cupcake push pops, no biggie!
These would be cute made in mason jars or just
regular cupcakes with the groundhog used as a topper!
I think the hilarious thing is to push
up the groundhog out of his hole! 
I am easily amused.
Thank you, Trisha!  You amuse us all with your fun take on Groundhog Day!  Who knew it could be so much fun?!
Find more fabulous treats and fantastic ideas from Trisha at Sweetology!

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