Each year, Amy (of Amy’s Party Ideas) hosts a bring-your-own-house Gingerbread House Decorating Party.  This year, Amy is sharing it with all of us!  Amy gathered her favorite ideas from around the web and added them all to the party.  This annual tradition is made all the sweeter with so many cute treats made by Amy!  My favorites are the cakepops- designed as an exact replica to those made by my friend Kerri at Sweet Indulgence.  These little guys are fantastic- Kerri know her cake pops and Amy did a great job re-creating them for her party!  Well done, ladies!!

The edible red glitter truly makes these pops shine!

I also LOVE the treats covered in pink non-pareils…topped with fondant and tipped on their sides!

Minty cupcakes look great- I love the touches of pink mixed in to the red, white, and brown!

Amy had such a cute idea to top store-bought cookies with coconut and a tiny party pick pom…

Strawberry Santa Hats have quickly become one of my favorite ways to serve fruit during the holidays- I bet I am not alone!  I wish I knew exactly who came up with this fabulous little treat idea- it is just perfect!  Amy styles it beautifully!

Festive and FUN milk bottles~

Amy also bought gingerbread men cookies and “bedazzled” them with more edible glitter.  I love how the glitter adds so much to the cookies!

Amy also set-up a Hot Cocoa Bar, which is always such a favorite spot to hang out and choose your toppings!  The candy cane “North Poles” add lots of fun to the party and excitement of Santa.  The North Pole Candy Canes are originally found at One Charming Party.  Love these!

Amy also had a Decorating Kit on hand for the children when it was time to decorate their houses.  The paper designs by Wants and Wishes is one of my favorite designs for a Gingerbread Party.  The printing on the bags is just adorable!

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous party styling with us, Amy!  This party looks like so much fun!

Here is more from Amy about their annual party…

I kept the food simple since it was in late afternoon.  We had plenty of fun treats for the kids and some healthier options for everyone.  We had fruit & cheese & crackers along with sausage balls (which were gone in no time!).  For the desserts, we had “Snowball Cookies” which were Key Lime cookies covered in powder sugar that I got from Walmart.  I dipped the tops in melted white chocolate candy melts and topped with shredded coconut.  I stuck a fun party stick in them for a festive touch.  We also had Santa Hat Strawberries which I originally found from I Heart Naptime.  I used melted white chocolate and piped it through a grass tip to make it look like fluffy cotton.  I also made Rudolph cake pops…so cute!  I originally saw these from Sweet Indulgence and they are perfection!  I decided to try and make some myself.  Mine turned out pretty good for a first try.  The key was having red edible glitter for Rudolph’s nose!

We also had cupcakes topped with gingerbread men.  These were so easy to make.  I purchased mini Gingerbread men cookies from Trader Joes and then used packaged cookie icing in chocolate to cover them.  I added mini red M&M’s that I covered in red edible glitter and my men were ready!  And they were the perfect compliment to the amazing fondant cupcake toppers from LIV Creativity!  Lauren always makes the most amazing toppers and her details are perfection!

And what’s a holiday party without a Hot Chocolate Bar?  I made a cute sign that I framed using a wooden frame I found at Michaels for only $1.49.  I glittered it red to compliment the party decor and propped it up so our guests knew what to do.  We had sprinkles, white chocolate candy cane bits, chocolate dipped marshmallows, North Pole peppermint sticks, whip cream and more!

Everyone got their own Gingerbread Decorating Kit.  I used 5 x 7 Red Chevron Striped paper bags and printed on them myself.  I filled the bag with peppermints, candy canes, and gingerbread men and placed them at each placemat.   We also had dishes of candy on the table including Red Hots, Green Sixlets, Gum Drops, M&M’s, and shredded coconut.  The kids really had fun and I am always amazed at what they come up with when they are left to their own creativity.

So, grab some candy and have your friends over for a fun afternoon and Happy Holidays!



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