How special to invite your daughter’s closest friends over for a sweet, fancy Valentine Party!  Notice you will not find the typical red and pink, but a soft, pastel version full of charm and precious friendsLoralee Lewis and her family are about to welcome their 4th child to the family, and Loralee wanted to do a little something extra for her daughter, Vienna, before the big changes came her way~ as a way to celebrate her first daughter and the love between friends, Loralee designed this dainty party in a way only Loralee can do!  Enjoy!

Loralee chose the soft color palette as a reflection of Vienna’s name and the city of the same.  I adore how she layered the letters of the banner with paper rosettes and gold doilies…


Thank you for sharing, Loralee!

Loralee is known for her fabulous party stationery and event styling. 

Find more and follow the beautiful fun at Loralee Lewis

Friends Forever~

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  1. jenberly

    I know this display isn't about the china cupbord but I just gotta ask: did you paint it? I have a similar cupboard begging for a coat of paint! Love your blog

  2. Lydia Menzies

    Thank you for all of the comments on the party! I am glad you all enjoyed it!!Loralee- you are always welcome! Your design and your style are always perfection!Jenberly- the cupboard was bought that color- it is perfect for many backdrops! Thank you for following my blog and for your sweet comments. I hope you find just the right coat of paint for your cupboard!!