WOW!  It isn’t very often an Irish Step celebration comes across your screen!  You are in for a treat with this party from Nicole, of Tradewind Tiaras! These beautiful Bells of Ireland flowers set the tone and couldn’t be more perfect for this Irish celebration!

This party was to celebrate a friend’s exciting news that she had passed the test to become a certified Irish Step dance instuctor.  With only a 30% pass rate, there was so much to celebrate!  Nicole added lucky shamrocks to the party decor, but clearly there was more than just luck involved to pass these rigorous tests!

To give you (and me) and little background of what Irish Step Dancing is, Nicole states that it is a highly competitive sport, and the contestants wear elaborate dresses and “soft shoes” while performing serioulsy athletic acts.  Nicole made cookies to reflect the competiton costumes~ notice the detail in each dress and how Nicole so beautifully recreated them in cookies!

Nicole also made the cake to resemble the logo of the dance studio~

And rainbow lollipops…

Each food on the table had a special Irish meaning, and Nicole included a pot of “gold” using caramel popcorn as well as Irish Soda Bread.

To fully appreciate more of Nicole’s amazing cookie renditions of the elaborately embroidered and embellished (say that 3 times!) costumes, take a look at more of the costumes and cookies side by side…

What a fun way to learn a little about an Irish tradition as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today! 

Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your party!  What a unique theme that was so perfectly put together- I am amazed you pulled it together in just 2 days!!  And, congrats to your talented friend– she is lucky to have a friend like you!!

Entire Party by Tradewind Tiaras

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Nicole used free printables from Love the Day.


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