One of my favorite activities to volunteer for at my children’s school is the Cast Party that is held after each of their yearly class plays.  The entire grade level participates, and it is always a fun(ny) production to see!  They entertain us all, and they work hard on memorizing lines and working up their courage to stand up in front of more than a hundred people without stage fright.  We love celebrating their accomplishments with a Cast Party and invite the audience to the party, too!  With so many people to host, we try to keep it simple and manageable while making it extra-special by adding little touches that make it shine.

My 2 favorite details were the Rice Krispies treats made to resemble a cow print and the egg cartons used to serve the children’s snacks.  We have wonderful volunteers that all pitch-in to put the party together, and one creative mom made all of the Rice Krispies treats as the children’s sweet treat~

Simply take store-bought Rice Krispies Treats, add a lollipop stick, and dip them in melted, white chocolate.  After the white chocolate hardens, drizzle melted milk chocolate in dots to make the cow print.  Wrap in a cellophane bag and tie with red ribbon.  We displayed them in mini hay bales and wrapped gingham ribbon with ants around the bales for extra fun.  We used them as centerpieces on the children’s tables and place the bales of hay on gingham fabric.

The children had “Chicken Feed” (Chex Mix), strawberries, and blueberries inside of their egg carton snack boxes.  We put the Chicken Feed inside of a red gingham bag.

For the adults’ food table, we served Pigs in a Blanket, Chicken Minis, berries, and haystacks~

We layered a white table cloth with a red gingham tablecloth and topped it with burlap.  The layers added interest and farm colors and textures.  We served the berries in old-fashioned berry baskets and added hay bales and geraniums for decoration.

A couple of the farm animal cast members enjoying their snacks~

And, a glimpse of the adorable show, “E-I-E-I- Ooops!”~

Such a fun show and a great theme for a party.  I hope you found affordable, easy, and manageable ideas from this cute cast party!

Cow Krispies- Marielle Newland

Haystack Candy- Natalie Luke

Egg Cartons and Gingham Snack Bags- Shop Sweet Lulu

Berry Baskets- Garnish

Thanks to all of the volunteers!


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