Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like a RED HOT CHILI PEPPER!  This festive decoration will brighten any mexican-inspired celebration so that you could use it for a shower, birthday party, and of course, the 5th of May!  Susan of Oh My! Creative designed this tissue paper chili pepper pom and is sharing the tutorial with us!



For this easy project, all you need is…

Step 1.  Gather your SUPPLIES~


TISSUE PAPER (red and green)

Step 2~  Cut the red tissue paper into squares about 4-5 sheets at each size.  Susan started with 9″ squares reducing the size by about an 1/2″ until she reached 4″ squares. Six sizes in all to create one pom. Nothing was exact…Susan didn’t measure a thing!


Step 3~  Cut a long piece of wire and fold it in half.  Accordion fold each size paper piece and round the ends on both sides. Starting with the smallest, wrap the wire around the folded tissue. Twist the wire between each size of tissue about 3/4″ for the smaller squares and 1″ between the larger squares.  The wire naturally starts to curve like a chili pepper!


Step 4~ Gently fluff the pom starting at the bottom, filling in the spaces created by the wire.


Step 5~  To finish off the pom, accordion fold the green tissue to create a green top. Instead of rounding the ends, make about 3″ cuts, down the folded sides, to give the tissue a “spiky” look! Attach with no large space in the wire.


Thank you for sharing your great pom tutorial, Susan!

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