With Father’s Day a couple of weeks away, I am excited to share this party for a father and husband that is truly all heart.  Shevi, of Little Wish Cakes in Australia, designed this party for several reasons…to celebrate her husband’s birthday and as a send-off as he leaves on a business trip that will be his first trip away from his family.  This party is full of sentimental value…Shevi and her husband were only able to exchange love letters when they first began dating due to conservative backgrounds.  After they were engaged, they lived in separate countries for a year and, again, exchanged letters to get them through!  Thus, the focus of the party is Love Letters!

Other than the macarons, Shevi made each of the desserts herself.  The cake is fabulous with love letters wrapped around and tied with simple twine. Cupcakes with love notes and a heart are beautiful~

Sealed With a Kiss Cookies~

Not only did Shevi make the desserts and treats, she made all of the decorations by hand.  The heart on the backdrop is made from schrunched serviettes (paper napkins)!  Shevi wrapped buckets with coir to create the flower vases, and she made the lovely paper heart garlands.

What a special party!  I love sentimental touches, and this party is full of love and sentiment!  Thank you for sharing, Shevi- I am touched by the thought that you put into this party for your husband!

•         The Styling, Cake, Cookies, Cupcakes, Irish Cream Liqueur, Streamers, Table cloth and Name tags were hand made by Shevi at Little Wish Cakes – https://www.facebook.com/Little.Wish.Cakes

•         The beautiful Photographs were by Joanne – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amara-Ritchie-Photography/114637075225795

•         The yummy Macarons – https://www.facebook.com/Eugenes.Patisserie

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