The Party Wagon has been in vacation mode for a little while now, but I am back and looking forward to sharing lots of fun ideas with you again soon!  The day I left for vacation was the last day of the contest for the Top 25 Blogs at Circle of Moms.  What a funny day that was!  You all were so supportive and fantastic while I was disconnected from all things social and technology-related!  I really can’t thank you enough for the HUGE amount of support you gave me!

As luck would have it, our plane left at 7:45 a.m. which meant we would have to leave our house just before 5:00 a.m. to make it to the airport, park, go through the long lines of security at the busiest airport in the world, and make it to our gate.  My son had been sick the week before and was about 5 days into a 10 day prescription of antibiotics…which we realized we walked out without about 10 minutes into our drive to the airport.  So, back we went. 

Just hours before our 4:00 a.m. alarm went off, I sent out an email to my contact list asking for one last vote while I was away from my computer.  My email provider told me it didn’t send and so I pressed “send” again (and again, and apparently again) which sent out the email 4 times!  That caused my email provider to think that my account had been hacked and so they locked it.  I was locked out of my email account and thought it was because of the LinkedIn hacking.  So, I thought my account was hacked, too! 

We literally ran to our gate to catch the plane as the last call for boarding was being made- we made it in the nick of time and the kids thought it was pretty funny that we were all running through the airport!  I couldn’t help but laugh at how the day was going…

We landed in New York and had a 3-hour layover.  As my phone regained service, it was pinging and dinging with messages from so many friends giving me an update on the contest totals.  They were all cute and funny- one friend even made a few friends on the beach and asked them to vote! I still smile at the thought of all of those funny messages and at the great friends that were trying so hard to keep me in the contest.

As we made our way into the airport, we saw rows and rows of iPads for travelers to use and so my children and I were so excited to try to vote on each one!  Not a single one would let any of us vote…it was funny.  There were so many potential votes to be cast!  It wasn’t meant to be and we busied ourselves with other things until our flight was called laughing at the irony of being surrounded by so many computers and not a single vote…

As we made our next flight and landed in our destination, more messages poured in.  That night, I had a chance to figure out what had happened to my email, and I laughed at the fact that I had caused my own email account to be locked down.  I was able to activate my account again and found SO MANY messages from so many of you through email and FB.  I just can’t thank you enough for all of the time and effort you put forth to vote and share. 

Wow!  I am still blown away by the amazing kindness and generosity of those of you who read my blog and follow on FB, Pinterest, and Twitter.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am a little late getting this posted to you, but I couldn’t just let it slip by.  I appreciate you so much, and I thank you!!  I felt on top of the world- just like my little boy felt in this photo!!




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