I must admit, I was so surprised when I saw the photos that went along with this adorable party!  I must also admit that I was expecting purple, orange, and at least one backpack!  How cute and fun is this fantastic Dora the Explorer Party by Karolina of Karo’s Fun Land?  Karolina used a pastel color scheme of pink and blue and loads of ruffles and flowers.  This party is loaded with inspiration for any type of party!

Karolina handmade all of the flower poms and ruffled accents that you see throughout the party~

I always admire someone who can take a commercial theme and make it extra-special and customized to suit the birthday child!  Karolina definitely made this party shine with all of her creative touches!

What a great way to celebrate with a Dora Party- thank you for sharing all of your ideas, Karolina!


Party Styling- Karo’s Fun Land

Party Printables are from Cuties Parties

Paper cups/ paper straws are from Hey Yo Yo



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