Super Colin has a super family that has just as much fun on his birthday as he does!  Mom, Danielle, planned this Super Hero Party for Colin’s birthday, and everyone sprang into action!  Colin, his brother, and his father all suited up in costumes for this high-flying fun day full of sweet friends, sweet treats, and lots of adventure!

I love how the chairs were draped with capes and masks were ready to be decorated as soon as the guests arrived!  Danielle found various clip art online and made the tags that you see at the party. 

The Birthday Boy ready to fight off the villain and his friend with his mask (one of my favorite pictures!)…

After everyone had their costumes, capes, and masks, and were powered-up with healthy treats, they noticed that someone had stolen all of the birthday gifts!!  The hunt for the villain was on!  Danielle set up an obstacle course that the children must complete to find the thief.  They found him hiding in the fort with all of the gifts!

The Villain (Colin’s Dad) was brought to justice, all gifts returned to the Birthday Boy, and the Super Heroes could enjoy CUPCAKES to celebrate the exciting adventure that was COLIN’S BIRTHDAY!

Cupcakes for all (maybe even the villain)…

Danielle made super-cute favor pails and displayed them with a Super Colin shield that she painted!

This party delivers all the fun a little boy could want with a BANG!  Thank you for sharing this fun-filled, cute-as-can-be party with us, Danielle!!  SUPER JOB!

You can find more photos and fun at Danielle’s blog called A Day in the Life

 Party Styling and Handmade Crafts by Danielle

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