Diaper Cakes definitely take the gift of diapers to a whole new level!  Margit, of Dot and Dash, is sharing a Diaper Cake Tutorial with us so that you can turn an ordinary, practical (and always appreciated) gift into one with an impressive WOW-factor!  Here is a step-by-step lesson in Diaper Cakes 101!

The diaper cake shown above is one that Margit made for a “Sip and Sea” baby shower, and below she takes you through the steps to make one that can be suited for any occasion! 


First, you will need...64 diapers, rubber bands, shredded paper, paper cake plate, ribbon, pin

STEP 1.  Start with the first diaper.  The top of the diaper should face you as shown in photo…


STEP 2.  Roll the diaper from top to bottom. This is what it will look like…


STEP 3.  Secure with a rubber band.  Repeat with the remaining diapers (64 in all)…


STEP 4.  To make the top tier you will need 7 diapers.

Take one rolled diaper and place a rubber band around it loosely.  Insert six rolled diapers into the rubber band and around the diaper in the center.  Make sure diapers are all facing in the same direction.


STEP 5.  The completed top tier will look like this…


STEP 6.  Second Tier:

To make the second tier you will need 19 diapers.

To begin create a copy of the top tier.

Then place another rubber band around the outside of the top tier.

Now tuck diapers inside the rubber band until they encircle the whole tier.


STEP 7.  This is what the second tier will look like when complete…


STEP 8.  Now you can place the top tier on the second tier.

In facT, for a smaller cake and one that is easy to ship as a gift a two tier cake is very cute.


STEP 9.  Third tier:

To create the third tier, start by making a copy of the second tier. Now you will have to place diapers around the outside of this tier. However, one rubber band will not stretch enough to go around this second tier and leave enough room to insert diapers.

To solve this problem, split the cake in half using two rubber bands (one for each side).

Just guide the rubber band down through the center and around the outside (see picture).


STEP 10.  This is what the third tier looks like complete.


STEP 11.  Now stack the three layers…


STEP 12.  Time to “decorate”:

Glue some shred around a cardboard cake plate (can be bought at craft stores in the baking aisle) to create a cute base for the cake.


STEP 13.  Now add ribbon around the center of each tier and secure in the back with a pin.  In this case, I used burlap…


STEP 14.  I accented the burlap with blue and brown ribbon.

The cake can be left as is or you can embellish a bit more.

If you will be transporting the cake take a couple of wooden skewers through the top tier and into the bottom. This will keep the tiers from falling.


STEP 15.  I love using the rolled diaper method to make the cakes because it is easy to pull diapers out here and there and replace with onesies, bibs or washcoloths. This adds some color and more goodies for the guest of honor.

It’s always cute to add a stuffed animal to the top as well.

I will other add a monogrammed burp cloth to the bottom tier with the baby’s name.

Have fun!


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Margit used disposable diapers for this diaper cake, but cloth diapers can be substituted if you prefer!

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