This adorable little project is a cute and easy way to share Valentine sweetness with the ones you love!  Pamela Susan came up with this project several years ago, and I am thrilled that she is sharing the tutorial with us today!  If you have a candy lover in your house, he or she will have a BALL with this idea!

I especially like the smaller one- it would be so cute to make with my daughter and her friends!

You can add any candy that you like~

And, add a cute note and your gift is complete!

Pamela shares the tutorial for how to make these…

You will need a terra cotta pot and base, wooden ball, red, pink, and white paint, paint brushes, a round vase or jar, and candy!

First, paint the pots…


2.  After the base coat dries, decorate with white dots using the end of the paintbrush handle…


3.  Paint the wooden ball…


4.  Glue the vase to the bottom of the pot using Tacky Glue…


5.  Fill with candy after all has dried and is secured.  Place the “top” on the vase when finished.  Enjoy!


Thank you for sharing such a great Valentine craft with us, Pamela! 

Pamela also makes jewelry and can be found at Pamela Susan Fine Jewelry and Gifts!

Let me know if you make these gumball/candy machines for your children or friends!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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