These super-cute Santa Sacks are just perfect for holiday parties, classroom goody bags, and December birthday parties!  Nikki, from JAM Paper, is sharing her tutorial with us to help you send your guests off in sweet Santa style!  Find out how to make them below:


  • Red Kraft Lunch Bags (small) You can find these at JAM Paper here
  • Black Linen Paper
  • Gold Stardream Paper
  • Brown or Tan Wraphia
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue & Scissors

Step One – Creating the Buckle

To create the black belt cut a strip 1 1/2″ wide and 1 1/4″ long from the black linen paper. You can swap out the linen paper for other black paper styles from JAM. Glue the black belt on top of the bottom folded crease of the bag (it’s about 4″ down from the top of the bag). To create the gold buckle, cut out a square that is 2″ long on each side from your gold Stardream paper. To create the cut out, sketch out a smaller square 1/2″ in from the bigger square and measures 1″ long on each side. Once the belt is dry, glue and attach the gold belt buckle in the center.



Step Two – Create the Closure

To create the decorative closure, fold the top of the bag down about 1 1/2″ down. Next, take the hole punch and cut two small holes at the center of the top about an inch apart. The last step is to take the oatmeal wraphia and tie a small bow. Cut off any excess wraphia with scissors.


Step Three – Add Candy

The last step is probably the most important, adding the candy. We suggest using peppermints and green mints to stick with the festive color scheme, but you can feel free to add any candy or treats that you’d like.


The last and final step is to display them on a festive table where guest can grab their own on their way out. It’s a simple yet creative way to say thank you and to put people in the holiday spirit. 

Aren’t those cute?  Thank you for sharing your festive idea with us, JAM Paper!  These will bring a smile and are easy to do!!  A perfect way to spread holiday cheer!

Favor Bags by JAM Paper ~find the red bags right here.

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