Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays!  When fabulous Loralee Lewis offered to design an Easter collection for me, I immediately thought of my sweet friend Laura Pennington and her adorable May Pole that she uses for her daughters’ parties.  I pictured bunnies parading around a May Pole and sent the idea to Loralee.  From there, Loralee designed the most adorable Easter collection- overflowing with Easter cuteness that is perfect for any of your springtime celebrations!

The sweets table also puts a little spring in your step with so many lovely little bunnies, beautiful pastels, and yummy confections.  The gorgeous rosette cake is by Kathi, at My Sweet Things, and the fondant bunny toppers are by Brenda, at Sugar High.  It is a little May Pole masterpiece!

Milk bottles were ready to fill with the guests’ favorite drinks~ and the bottles were topped with sweet bunnies by MimiCafe Union, New York.  The fondant bunnies balanced perfectly on green grass dotted with flowers and held the straw in each bottle.

For more Easter color, serve sherbet in glass bowls with miniature Easter Bunny cookies on top.  These cute bunnies, from Keri at Picket Fence Confections, are a family favorite at our house!  They are tiny and delicious!

Enjoy the sherbet with adorable spoons dressed up by Debra at Titi’s Tutus…such an unexpected detail for your guests!

The boys loved these cute little rabbits… Brittany, of Edible Details, made funny little miniature bunnies that happily played around the straw “May Pole”…

Such fun and such attention to tiny detail!

Fabulous cookies, made by Tara of Bambella Cookie Company, depicted dancing bunnies and beautiful flowers…and they were delicious!

The children were thrilled with these oversized and gorgeous pastel lollipops made by Steph, at Suckers by Steph.  I loved how Steph matched the colors perfectly and also added little white dots like bunny tails!  I added “Happy Easter” straw flags by Loralee Lewis to the sticks.

And, then there were these beauties…which my son just couldn’t wait to get his hands on!  He loves these Whoopie Pies by My Sweet Things, and I love the gorgeous pastel frosting ruffled so perfectly inside!


Loralee’s designs literally hop off the page with whimsy and fun!

 The little guests will be so excited when they receive such a playful invitation- it sets the tone perfectly!

Loralee designed matching favor boxes to go with the collection- and I love funny little bunny hiding on the back of the favor box…I topped the boxes with tulle, but you can add any ribbon of your choice~

The girls enjoyed the Bunny Tail Wands made by Titi’s Tutus, and the tag by Loralee Lewis was the perfect way to literally tie it all together!

All of the children loved having the chance to write a letter to the Easter Bunny!  We set up a little table and supplied the cards, envelopes with matching liners (that were also complete with labels with the Easter Bunny’s address for easy mailing), and pencils.  The children had lots of fun with this!

At the letter writing station, I set up cookies on easels that were “cookie letters” to the Easter Bunny- it made it a little easier to help them get started on their letters, and they couldn’t wait to try a cookie!

The cookies were by Bambella Cookie Boutique.

At the children’s table, the plates were set with whimsical little bunny sachets made by Aneta at Stitchinnetka.  The sachets were made using a pattern and tutorial that I found on Craft Passion.  Aneta made them slightly larger than the pattern, and the sachets were filled with mini cookies, but can hold any sort of small gift…

The lollipops and the bunny sachets were really big hits with the kids!

Although the weather was a bit chilly and the grass had yet to turn green, the kids were thrilled to go play around the May Pole.  After all, what is a May Pole party without a May Pole?  What a treat!

Such a fun day!  Please see below for information on resources for creating your own spring time party or any-time party!


Invitations, Tags, Favor Boxes, Letters, Envelopes, HOP Banner- Loralee Lewis

Photography- Zoomworks Studio

Rosette Cake- My Sweet Things

Fondant Bunnies on Cake- Sugar High

Fondant Bunnies Holding Straws on Milk Bottles- MimiCafe Union NY

Fondant Bunnies Bottle Toppers- Miniature Bunnies on Green Fondant Circle- Edible Details

Pastel Lollipops with White Polka Dots- Suckers by Steph

Mini Bunny Cookies (on ice cream and in sachets)- Picket Fence Confections

Cookies (Bunnies, Flowers, Letters to the Bunny)- Bambella Cookie Boutique

Whoopie Pies- My Sweet Things

Bunny Tail Wands- Titi’s Tutus

Bunny Tail Spoons- Titi’s Tutus

Bunny Sachets- Stitchinnetka

Pattern and Tutorial for Bunny Sachets- Craft Passion

Rose Bunny Wreath- Always Always Florist ~Athens, GA

Party by The Party Wagon


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