Last month, I had the privilege of working with some really fabulous ladies to help plan a party for a little boy celebrating his first birthday!  This party was extra-special because baby Shane would have his daddy home from the military just in time to celebrate his first birthday.  Shane and his father hadn’t seen each other since Shane was 5 months old.  Shane’s mom, Emily, wrote and asked if she could buy a Party Plan from me to help her with the birthday party.  I was happy to send over ideas to Emily, and I mentioned to a group of party friends that if they had anything that I could suggest to Emily for the party, please let me know.  Well, these ladies did more than that!  They let me know and then they got to work making decorations, gifts, and treats for Shane.  It was all done out of the kindness of their hearts.  All of the items were sent to another state and Emily set up the party herself.  I was so pleased to be able to let her know about the goodness of these ladies- little party fairies!  I asked the ladies to send snapshots of the items that they made to send for Shane’s party, and I am sharing these with you.  The theme was Good Night Moon, and here are some of the party goods that were a part of the special first birthday! 

Keisha of Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams made an adorable pom pom garland in the party colors AND a fabulous, customized birthday banner for Shane’s party, AND a party hat!

In the great green room, there was a telephone.  And a red balloon.  I love how Keisha used the red balloon as part of her birthday banner!

Keisha also made a party hat for Shane!  (The bunny was nabbed by Keisha’s son before it made it into the box for shipping!)

I know Shane looked adorable in his hat!

Good night stars, good night air, good night noises everywhere…

Gorgeous 3-D stars were made for the party by Jessica of Oh So Printable!  I love how these stars make a great backdrop for a party or dessert table!

I love how these stars are able to make a big impact on a party space!  Thank you, Jessica!!


And, there were edible stars, too!  Stephanie at Suckers by Steph sent over a box of these lovely lollies!  Steph handmade them just for Shane’s party- I know they made all the guests shine with smiles!


And, sweet Shane received a gift from Peggy at Comfy Cozy, too!  Peggy sent a customized pillow with the moon and stars on it.  What a sweet keepsake for Shane to have from his first birthday!


I was so touched by these ladies’ generosity to help make this occasion really special.  It reminded me of Operation Shower- an organization that hosts baby showers for wives of soldiers- only this was our own, smaller version…Operation Birthday!  I typically do not offer the service of a party shipped to a client, and so I thank Keisha, Jessica, Steph, and Peggy for making this idea possible.  I could not have done all of that on my own!!


I received a thank you note from mom, Emily, the other day and she expressed her gratitude for all of the effort that went into sending over the items for the party!  You made their day!!

Thanks, ladies!

Please be sure to visit these kind-hearted ladies and their fabulous shops!

Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams– banner, garland, party hat

Oh So Printable– 3-D Stars

Suckers by Steph– lollipops

Comfy Cozy– pillow cases (some glow in the dark!)

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