Saving the day with this fabulous birthday party for her son, Nikki Berry of Nikkiikkin, makes capes fly with this super-cool display of creative desserts and activities!  I’m pretty sure Nikki should open her own bakery with talent like this…enjoy her son’s big day and all of Nikki’s unique touches!

Here, Nikki describes the highlights of and inspirations for the party…

“My son Hudson turned three in February and his favorite toys of the moment are super heros, he enjoys watching vintage cartoons so I decided to build up a theme that was more Pop Art – General Super Hero rather than a licensed character.  I ran across a Roy Lichtenstein Newsweek cover from 1966 that set my inspiration for the dynamic tone for the decorations.   I mimicked that artwork for my 3D backdrop and worked with Anna Jayne Prints to create Super Hudson invite and printables.  The cake, cookies and cupcakes were all made by me.  I used Economy Candy for all the candy.  The super hero secret identity kit is an original idea that my 10 year old daughter, Macy, helped me come up with.  We repurposed kid size Real 3D movie glasses (purchased from ebay), I designed the ID card and graphics for the “Bureau of Superheroes Department of Justice”  The kit also included emergency power balls (six lets) and a felt disguise mustache.  The popcorn cups are modeled after mini fry cups and the invisibility drink bottles are recycled coffee bottles.  Serving dinner to the guests was so easy, we special ordered a 6 foot “hero” sandwich from a local deli.

I love the capes and masks hanging up and waiting for their super heroes…

POP! Corn was served…

As well as anti-kryptonite~

And Invisibility Potion…

I love the ID kits that Nikki made!

The Hero Sandwiches were the perfect choice for all of the hungry heroes~

And the party favors were made my Nikki, too!

What a great party!

Nikki definitely captured the full super hero effect!  Well done!

Thank you for sharing the party, Nikki!

Nikki offers a party kit and fondant toppers for this party- be sure to stop by her Etsy shop to see her Super Hero collection!




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