Little Elianna loves to watch “princess and froggie”, and so her mom, Anne Marie, designed her first birthday party around Elianna’s favorite, The Frog Princess!  Anne Marie, of El’uccellino Designs, best describes the party and all of the elements behind each detail…read on to hear more from Anne Marie~

Who could refuse the rich purples and earthy greens of the bayou?! 
Elements that we wanted to incorporate that centered around the theme of the movie were the frogs, lily pads, stars, and fireflies.
The cake is a perfect combo of all of those!
I loved the quotes in the movie so I incorporated them into the desserts. Prince Naveen called Tiana a "stick in the mud" so 
I wanted to do my interpretation of it. I made dirt pies for the mud by using chocolate pudding and topping it with a mixture
 of crushed Oreos and cream cheese. I added a pretzel for the stick and topped it with an edible lily pad. 
There you have "a stick in the mud." 
Elianna's grandmother is notorious for her cannollis so we had cannollis stuffed with green and purple cannoli filling for
 "Elianna's House Special as an homage to her Nonna. Frog on a log dessert were made using an edible frog on a Swiss roll 
and was inspired by a book titled, "Frog on a Log."
 "It's the Bee's Knees" was a popular phrase in the movie and I knew Dania's cake could perfectly execute the cookies
 so I couldn't resist naming the sugar cookies as the Bee's Knees. The marshmallow pops were coconut marshmallows 
with sprinkles and edible fireflies.

Evangeline was such a huge staple in the movie so I wanted a nutritious dessert and something that resembled the twinkling star.
I was ecstatic to find the glitter grapes recipe. Not only did they sparkle, but they were such a hit with the children and parents 
alike. I used a spice rack and embellished with ribbon and utilized adhesive moss for the base to give it a swamp feel.  To make
the grapes, simply roll washed green grapes in green Jello powder.

I love how Anne Marie added a special princess chair for the birthday girl!

Anne Marie had games, Tarot card reading, and of, course…the little froggies jumped!  A bounce house was the perfect activity for the guests…

The guests were also invited to dress up!


Favor bags had dresses and messages on each brown kraft bag~

As a prize for one of the games, Elianna’s family donated to the March of Dimes in the winner’s name.  MOD is one of their favorite charities because Ellianna was born three months premature…

What a lovely, meaningful, and sweet day for Elianna!  Thank you for sharing your party, Anne Marie!  The birthday girl’s face shines with how happy she is!  I love that!


Vendors and Credits

Party by El’uccellino Designs

Dania's Cake:
Dania's cake provided the cake, cookies, fondant lily pads and frogs, and marshmallow pop fondant fireflies.
El'uccellino Designs and Michelle Party Shop for party printables.
Photography done by Sueann Moti

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