Junie B. Jones is always up to something, and she surely makes for a great party theme!  Jennifer, of Double the Fun Parties, hosted this fabulous party for her twin daughters- and I think the details from the book are so adorable!  From the school lockers, lunchboxes, lunch trays, name tags…all the way to the brown bag favor bags and the report cards, Jennifer delights her guests with references to the book series all the way through!  And, they even had to raise their hands when they had a question!  So cute!

The class schedule was just too cute!  Jennifer says…

Our crafts and activities followed a typical school day.

  • Art: Decorate your own party hat (see the cupcake topper tutorial here)
  • Health: Guests read an eye chart and received hand-painted purple glasses, just like Junie B. inJunie B. Jones, First Grader (At Last!)
  • Reading: Quiz of Junie B. trivia
  • Specials: Picture day like in Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed. We were sure to take pictures when the girls “weren’t ready” – just like Junie B.
  • Recess: jump rope, homemade sidewalk chalk paint, hopscotch, four square, punch balls
  • Math: guess the number of gumballs

Using books for props and decorations is a great way to carry the theme throughout~

The graphics for the party paper are so cute- and spot-on!  I love the “Grade A Juice”- and how lunch trays were used for each guest!
Jennifer also placed a small composition notebook at each place setting- and had name tags for each child on her “desk”…

This cute little American Girl desk served as a perfect way to display a flower arrangement!

The cake had a Junie B. Jones fondant topper- and Philip Johnny Bob (Junie B.’s favorite stuffed elephant)…

Monogrammed cookies~ because Junie B. so loves her “B.”!

One of the books in the series is titled, Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket- and so how perfect is it that Jennifer included cupcakes with Peeps toppers!?  Adorable!

Is it time for Recess yet?

Absolutely!  What’s a school day without recess?  I love how Jennifer incorporated fun playground activities into the party!

Jennifer even included Picture Day (because Picture Day for Junie B. is a whole story in itself!!).  I love this cute shot!

Each guest went home with a “report card”…

…and a brown lunch sack for a Favor Bag!  So appropriate and cute!

What a great party, Jennifer!  I love all of the school and book references- you took a well-loved book series and made it even MORE fun!

And, what makes this party EVEN BETTER??  Double the Fun Parties sells a PARTY PLAN for this exact party and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to put it all together!  See it here 



Vendor Credits

Party styling: Double the Fun Parties

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Photography: Viridian Images Photography

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Cake pops: Cake Pop Fusion

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Gumballs, fringe and balloons: Polka Dot Market

Picture day chalkboard: Tickled Peach Studio

Red and orange bow headbands: Little Boo Creations

Chair covers: Double the Fun Parties’ shop

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