Celebrating 50 years of marriage is quite an impressive and important milestone!  When it came time for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, I have to admit, it was tough to decide how to celebrate something so special.  We thought we would go on a family trip to celebrate, or maybe a small family party and a bigger church reception…but, ultimately, my parents decided that they wanted to share the day with friends and family in one party.  This was just days after Christmas and so the calendar was full.  We almost waited too late to plan as we flip-flopped on just what to do! We finally settled on a coffee and dessert drop-in at a local restaurant that is known for its antique cars and airplanes.  It was a fun day with so many family members and friends! The photos will make for a great family photo album as it captured friends from so many parts of a 50-year-marriage. I also wanted to share a few of the ideas we used to decorate and celebrate!

We used photos and my parents’ wedding invitation as deocrations~

We also displayed the party invitation~

The desserts were kept simple…cakes and pies.  They had a vintage vibe to them which was perfect for the day!

The kids and I made meringue with gold sprinkles to put on top of the cakes~

We served Chocolate Silk Pie and Key Lime Pie~

We also had gold ribbon wands~ the grandchildren definitely had a ball with those!

Golden, tufted, chocolate-covered Oreos make a perfect party favor!

We are so grateful for our parents and their example~ and the committment they have made to each other and our family! We could never celebrate them enough…that’s for sure!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!  We love you so much!


Thank you to the following ladies for helping us make this really special day even more special with your talents! I appreciate you more than you know!

Signs, Invitation, Table Tents~ Loralee Lewis

Golden Oreos- Love and Sugar Kisses

Gold Ribbon Wands- Titi’s Tutus

Photography- Three Sisters Photography

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