What is cuter than a birthday party with a teddy bear theme?  How about a birthday party with a double teddy bear theme?!  Teddy Bears make for GREAT birthday party ideas for TWINS!!  I love how Patricia of Sweet Par-T delighted the birthday children and their guests with this adorable and fun dessert table to top off the activities of the day!  I think the Rice Krispie Treats might be my favorite…so cute!!

Aren’t they adorable?? The bow ties are just the sweetest!

Chocolate teddy bear brigadeiros make for a precious little package on the sweets table for the guests, too! I am happy these little bon bons have made their way onto tables all over the world, now.  They used to be mostly popular in Brazil and Portugal- they are similar to truffles!

Another yummy treat that Sweet Par-T added to the fun of the dessert table is chocolate lollipops with sweet little teddies on them!

Here is the dessert table all together!  There was a cake for each child and plenty of sugary sweetness to go around for everyone! What a fun way to top off the party!


DESSERTS BY Mom’s Sweets

PARTY BY Sweet Par-T


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