These little yellow chicks are impatiently waiting for their baby chicks to hatch…these little treats are perfect for spring party ideas, Easter party ideas, and birthday party ideas!  Not to mention school and church groups, too…

They are ready ~with gummy worms in mouth!  My kids have had a ball with these little chicks holding gummy worms.  They make everyone smile- and they are super easy to make!

To make the Gummy Worm stick to the marshmallow chick’s beak, just slice (with a sharp knife) or pinch with your fingers in the middle of the gummy worm.  Obviously, only adults should use the sharp knife.  Kids are great at pinching.  You only need to take a small amount of the gummy worm off and then stick it to the chick.  They will stay!  If it falls off, just pinch a little more and re-stick.  Mainly, you want to remove the sugary coating on the gummy and expose the sticky inside. I propped the chick on a pretzel “tree branch”…

To make the nests, go here for instructions.  They’re easy, too!!

We made these to share with friends, too~ the blue birds were a BIG hit!  We did one bird without the nests and put it on small pretzel sticks.  Everyone loved them!!

I hope you have a little time to make these cute treats this spring or Easter!  They couldn’t be easier!  Enjoy!



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