All of your guests will zoom to this fabulous party full of creative birthday party ideas for your next Cars-inspired birthday celebration! Mirussia, of Comemore Sempre Festas e Eventos, was given the challenge of creating a fabulous dessert table, and she wows us with her creative CAR DESSERT TABLE!  It adds so much fun to the look of the party- I know the guests were revved-up to get to dig in!

How fun is the table made to look like an actual car?

The balloon stoplights are another wow-factor-filled detail!  There was probably no slowing down on the race to see all of these cute decorations!

The cake is another winner with three tiers of Cars-inspired tastiness…

The party actually celebrated a father and son, and so the toppers were replicas of the birthday guys!

Other dessert choices included these desserts in jars- topped with tires…



…and brigadeiro (topped with gummy cars)!

 Lollipops with street signs attached to the front make for perfect party favors!

Mirussia also included an entire meal at the party- the little details made everything tie-in to a car-themed party.  It was perfectly suited for boys of all ages!

What a great way to display the desserts and treats at a Cars birthday theme!  Thank you for sharing this birthday party idea with us, Mirussia- it is a fabulous display!

Produção, decoração, alimentação e equipe (Party Planning): Comemore Sempre – Festas e Eventos
Balões (Balloons): Franciele Lima
Bolo e Biscuit (CAKE): Viviana Artesanato
Bolo de corte (Brigadeiro): Leticia Kataniwa
Fotos (Photographer): Della Foto ( Pri Della Giustina)

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