A Balloon-theme baby shower, “Bursting with Love”, by Rachelle of Style Dolls, is also bursting with creativity and color! I love the beautiful candy table that she designed!  It has a modern layout that pops with color.  I love how easy it is to get this look for a baby shower- and this party is also full of great birthday party ideas! So, gather some balloons for your next party~ I think these ideas are perfect for any age!

How adorable is this cake?  I love the simplicity of inflating the balloons and attaching them to skewers for a perfect topper!  

Balloons also hung in the windows~ they were simply attached upside down to make a colorful focal point!

The candy jars were lined up…3 on each side of the table for a symmetrical look but a variety of choices…

White trays with customized candy bars were on each side of the table, too!  So pretty and sweet!

What a great sweets table for a super-cute theme!  I love the balloon theme for a baby shower, baby sprinkle, or a host of birthday party ideas!! Such fun inspiration!  Thank you for sharing your party with us, Rachelle!


Paperie and Custom Printables by Blossom Tree Designs

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