The Wizard of Oz theme is one of my favorite birthday party ideas, and this party by Serena, of Mammarella’s Sweets and Treats is fabulous!  Serena designed the dessert table for two little girls, Mia and Ava.  The table was filled with gorgeous sweets that depicted the characters and scenery~ from the yellow brick road to the shimmering Emerald City, to the beautiful rainbow in the sky!  Come on! Follow the yellow brick road to see all of the wonderful ideas!

 I really, really love the small cakes that were on each side of the large cake!  The yellow, brick road looks lovely wth red flowers around it!  So cute and dainty!  I also love all of the details that went into the show-stopping main cake~ take a close look at each tier and all of the details…from the Emerald City to the Ruby Red Slippers!

The blue and white gingham is also one of my favorites!  The mini baskets of gumballs are adorable!

The rainbow was depicted with a Jell-O rainbow served in individual cups…

Ruby Red Cake Pops and Yellow Brick Road cake Pops were also a big hit!  I love how they were served in faux grass and beside Toto!


And, Rainbow Cake Pops were served upside down for the perfect way to add in the colors of the rainbow!

Rice Krispie Treats drizzled in white chocolate and served on a paper straw “stick” add to the colorful fun of the table!

A big stack of beautifully-decorated sugar cookies waited on the guests, too!  How fun to see the different cookies that were made to represent each of the parts of the story!

Chocolate-covered Oreos were also a part of the dessert table~

And, Serena added a little bit of humor to the dessert table…the Wicked Witch could only hope for a nibble from this table!

What a fabulous Dessert Table from Mammarella’s Sweets and Treats!  Serena, you did a remarkable job for your birthday girl!  Thank you so much for sharing it with us!  I am thrilled to show-off your creativity!

To see more of this stunning dessert table, be sure to visit Serena at Mammarella’s Sweets and Treats shown below!


Cake: CAKEgoodness
Cookies: Sweet Baketique
Cake Pops & mini Oreos: Cake Poppin’
Mini CAkes: Peace.Love.Sugar
Printables: Three Lil Monkeys
Table Cloth:
Photographer: Carina Dunmore Photography

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