Everyone loves to express themselves and EMOJIs make it more fun than ever! These birthday party ideas, with Emojis as the theme, appeal to such a wide range of ages.  I know it is often difficult to find a theme for older kids (tweens and teens), and so this party by Lillian Hope Designs is a perfect way to celebrate with something everyone can agree on…who can deny the charm of these little yellow faces with heart eyes and cute smiles? I also love the fact that they translate so well into fun desserts and treats!  These Emoji Cookies are just the best!

Lillian Hope Designs got very creative with the signs and other paper products that she designed for the party! Did you notice how all of the buffet signs have a hashtag with the label?  I am sure the kids love that little detail! And, the cupcake toppers make the vanilla cupcakes pop with personality! 

Lillian Hope Designs was also so creative incorporating sprinkles in vanilla ice cream cups to add such a customized and festive touch to store-bought treats! So smart!

And, then she made Emoji Bark! I just love it!  So adorable and absolutely fun for the guests- not to mention efficient and affordable for the hostess!  I think this will be a fun activity for my kids to make this summer!

And, Emoji Juice is the cutest choice- all dressed-up in clear bottles with black and white straws and twine!  Add the fun straw flags for the finishing touch…

Lillian Hope Designs shows you how she put it all together on one dessert table in the photo below..she added a party banner and a bouquet of Emoji balloons to make it all complete!

The adorable Emoji faces make for a really funny photo booth session- I also love the addition of yellow sunglasses and heart shapes on the lenses.  Too cute!


Lillian Hope Designs is offering FREE downloads of these Emoji Party Paper Printables!! How nice! I will link below so that you can check it out and use these for your party! 

Styling + Printables – Lillian Hope Designs
Photography – Heather Renee Photography
Helium Tank – Balloon Time Helium Tanks
Yellow Glasses For The Emoji DIY – Oriental Trading
Cookies – Sugar Coma Cookies
Balloons – Tutus and Bowties Events
Milk Bottles – Hoopla Events

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